What is the process of account verification on CoinDeal?

Account verification is an immensely important process. Only after passing it our account will be fully active. It will enable us to make trades through CoinDeal. Moreover, it will be a proof for site’s management and other users that we are trustworthy.

How to create an account on CoinDeal?

Creating an account is a basic process. It will allow us to use CoinDeal exchange market. It’s the first step to discover the world of cryptocurrencies. However, there’s nothing to worry about, this activity is swift and simple.

What is the Mining?

We present you the next episode of our cryptocurrency cycle! This time you will be able to learn from it how to dig cryptocurrencies or how the difficulty of mining changes. We invite you to the screening!

What is a blockchain?

It’s time to learn about technical matters connected with cryptocurrencies. This movie talks about one of the most important terms in the world of internet currencies – blockchain. We present its features and properties. It’s an important knowledge that will help you understand how cryptocurrencies and various exchange markets function.

How cryptocurrencies were created?

Today we proudly present you 3rd episode of our #FTO series – how cryptocurrencies were created?
In this one we focused on the history behind the idea of decentralized payments, and the place of FuturoCoin in all of that. Enjoy!

A short story of… e-currency

It’s time for the second episode of our series about the history of money and virtual currency! What this internet money actually is? What requirements it has to fulfill? Why it can be compared to gold?

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