Sybil Attacks – Blockchain Security

Sybil Attacks are extremely common in the day-to-day world. They are happening all around and yet you may not even notice. How do blockchains prevent sybil attacks? what are sybil attacks? find out in this video.

Pros and Cons of Blockchain

Get to know about both pros and cons of distributed ledger technology – in short: blockchain. Data immutability, blockchain consensus, network based on client nodes, trust and computing power, possible attacking vectors – all this covered in one short video.

Bitcoin – Cost of Mining

The Proof of Work consensus algorithm requires a great deal of computing power in order to mine blocks. This video goes over the cost of mining Bitcoin and how you can calculate how much bitcoin mining costs.

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake

The two most popular blockchain consensus approaches – Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). What are their basics, how do their work, who and when invented them, what differentiates them and what they have in common, which one is more secure and which is more energy-consuming? Let’s find it out!

What is Mining?

Mining – one of the foundations of a decentralized network. What is the main purpose of mining and how does it work? Who can become a miner and what is needed to become one? In this 3-minute video, we’ll try to explain it.

What is a Coin Burn?

Coinburn – a removal of the tokens or coins from the project’s circulating supply to either slow the rate of project’s inflation or reduce the circulating supply. Watch the video to see how Binance is dealing with the BNB burn.

Hard Forks and Soft Forks in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Hard forks and soft forks are essential to the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Learn about the differences between these forks and how they work in this video.

What is Proof of Stake?

Proof of Stake, a consensus algorithm for many cryptocurrencies. Learn about Proof of Stake and how it differs from Proof of Work in this video.

What is Proof of Work?

Proof of Work, the first consensus algorithm ever implemented in cryptocurrency. Learn about Proof of Work and how it differs from Proof of Stake and other consensus algorithms in this video.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Mining plays a vital role in many different blockchains. Watch this video to understand how cryptocurrency mining works, mining pools and what mining exactly is.

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