How to buy, sell and exchange FTO?

It’s time for the focal point of every exchange market. How to buy, sell and exchange. These are the most important processes connected with trading. Thank to these actions we can make some money on exchange markets. However, knowing about these processes is not enough – you have to trade carefully!

How to transfer funds from CoinDeal’s wallet to FNWallet?

Transferring money from CoinDeal’s wallet to FNWallet removes our funds from the exchange market. In most cases these funds will be our profits from trading. It’s one of the basic activities. It will enable you to use that money for something else. This video present the whole process in an accessible, step by step manner.

How to transfer money from FNWallet to CoinDeal’s wallet?

Transferring money from FNWallet to CoinDeal’s wallet is a process that you need to know. Thanks to this you will have funds that will enable you to trade on the exchange market. This movie will show you how to make such transfer and how to make sure that the transaction was accepted. Moreover, you will also learn about FNWallet – our special digital wallet.

How to supply your CoinDeal account?

Supplying your account is the last activity that needs to be completed before trading. After all, you have to have funds in order to trade. CoinDeal places importance on diversity, it accepts many different cryptocurrencies, including FTO. It also features fiat money such as USD or Euro. There are so many possibilities.

How to navigate the CoinDeal site?

For traders the site’s interface is their basic tool of the trade. With its help they can make the most important decisions about buying or selling cryptocurrencies. CoinDeal has a very clear and easy to use site. This tutorial reveals its most important options and tabs.

What is the process of account verification on CoinDeal?

Account verification is an immensely important process. Only after passing it our account will be fully active. It will enable us to make trades through CoinDeal. Moreover, it will be a proof for site’s management and other users that we are trustworthy.

How to create an account on CoinDeal?

Creating an account is a basic process. It will allow us to use CoinDeal exchange market. It’s the first step to discover the world of cryptocurrencies. However, there’s nothing to worry about, this activity is swift and simple.

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