Coins & Tokens

What is Ripple? Ripple Explained for Beginners

Formerly known as OpenCoin, Ripple is a privately held company, building a payment and exchange network on top of a distributed ledger database.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Explained For Beginners

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever created. It is, basically, a digital form of money that is highly resistant to frauds and cannot be copied or destroyed. Computer and network technologies have advanced to its current state through one universal property of digital information: most of it can be easily copied.

What is Binance Coin (BNB)?

What is BNB? When was it created and why? Learn about Binance’s exchange token, BNB in this video.

What is Ethereum? – Cryptocurrency Explained

Ether is the second most widely known cryptocurrency. But what exactly is Ethereum? Watch this video to learn about the technology behind Ethereum and what makes it different from other cryptocurrencies.

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