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What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Explained For Beginners

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever created. It is, basically, a digital form of money that is highly resistant to frauds and cannot be copied or destroyed. Computer and network technologies have advanced to its current state through one universal property of digital information: most of it can be easily copied.

Ransomware Explained

What is Ransomware? Find out how can you protect yourself from becoming a victim in this article.

Sybil Attacks – Blockchain Security

Sybil Attacks are extremely common in the day-to-day world. They are happening all around and yet you may not even notice. How do blockchains prevent sybil attacks? what are sybil attacks? find out in this video.

What Does Liquidity Mean When Trading?

Understanding liquidity is vital if you are trading or investing in assets. Watch this video to learn about Liquidity in the context of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Moving Averages – Technical Analysis Explained

Moving Averages are one of the most commonly used technical analysis tools when trading. Watch this video to learn about cryptocurrency trading using moving averages, what moving averages are and how they are calculated.

What are Makers and Takers?

Knowing whether you are a maker or a taker is important when trading on cryptocurrency exchanges as the trading fees often differ for each. Learn about what a maker and a taker is by watching this video.

Pros and Cons of Blockchain

Get to know about both pros and cons of distributed ledger technology – in short: blockchain. Data immutability, blockchain consensus, network based on client nodes, trust and computing power, possible attacking vectors – all this covered in one short video.

Intro Beginners Candlestick Patterns

Candlesticks – what informations are they carrying, what can we read from them and what are their types. Bullish? Bearish? Doji? Morning Star? Sounds interesting and fancy? Click the play button and learn more.

What is Anti-Phishing code – How to set up Anti-Phishing code Binance

The Anti-Phishing code is an extremely useful tool when it comes to protecting your cryptocurrency exchange account and your cryptocurrency from phishers. Learn about how to set up this security feature in the video.

What is a Limit Order – How to set up a Limit Order on Binance Exchange

This video will explain limit orders in detail and how you can use them while trading cryptocurrency on Binance Exchange or other cryptocurrency exchanges.

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